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S2 Villa, our single story option, is suitable for any type of household. The  building size starts from 380 sqm and architecturally is designed for optimal space saving and usage of all aspects of the Villa. The long outdoor terrace and sala area can be enjoyed all year round. The modern interior design is something total unique to Manick Hillside, the 3.5m height ceilings and open plan living spaces create an amazing atmosphere.

All the Villa's are built on a very generous plots of land that start from 600 Sqm and feature the following:

- 3 Bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms

- Built in cupboards.

- Modern Kitchen 

- Large living and dining area.

- Private rim flow swimming pool.

- Laundry.

- Under cover terraces

- 2 Car parking garage

- Storage space

- Guest restroom

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